• Blog Post #4 – Happy Nu Mothafukin Year!

    WHAT A YEAR WE HAVE HAD! Seriously we have gone way beyond our expectations of what could be achieved in our first full year as a full cohesive music making band. It’s really cool to think that our first gig as a 3-piece band was back in April, only 9 months ago, and since then

    Happy new year from Mayhem For Mary
  • Rise Up Single Launch @ The Flamin’ Galah

    Rise Up Single Launch @ The Flamin’ Galah Your Buddies Mayhem For Mary are back in 2018. After some time spent in the studio getting some new music ready for you guys in late 2017, its time to start getting that shit out there, starting with the release of the first from our new EP

  • Beats Cartel & Prince Of Wales Presents, Double Baked

    Beats Cartel & Prince Of Wales Hotel Bringing together the most vibin’ local acts and craft breweries, The inaugural DOUBLE BAKED minifest backs up the riff truck in Brisbane on JAN 25 and JAN 26 with a double day party as part of a twin city onslaught. Games will be played, riffs will be delivered,

    Double Bake Festival Brisbane
  • 14th July. ELKO FIELDS. Prince of Wales hotel

    Join us as we support the Amazing ELKO FIELDS. Really looking forward to this one, Cant wait to see Mary For Mayhem!!!!! Hope they don’t sound too much like us.. Lol. Come join us and check these other great bands out.                 ELKO FIELDS            ELKO FIELDS

    Brisbane Duo
  • Bright at Night

    Are you ready for the Mayhem? Were back with a bang with our second gig well underway @ The Brightside, 6th July, 8pm   Click the pictures below to see the venue and the other great bands joining us on the night    

  • Win a Mayhem Merch Pack

    Congratulation’s Leon & Vanessa. An impressive score of 17/18, Well done Guy’s. Mayhem For Marys first merch pack on it’s way to you. Check out the photos below as we reveal the full list of Marys. Thanks a million to everyone who entered,  Win a Mayhem For Mary Merch pack  Submit your answers to: mayhemformary@gmail.com    

  • Blog #2. A blog entry about actual stuff (that we have been doing)

    Yes, We have been doing stuff, and lots of you have been helping us to do stuff and been a massive support and for that we thank you. April has been a crazy month for us. Firstly, we had the filming of our first music video, which was shot by the wonderful people at ‘Shots

    Down by the river
  • Blog #1. We are a *BAND

    Welcome Ladies, Welcome Gentlemen, Welcome Transgender Folk. You have arrived at the first ever Mayhem For Mary blog. Why are we doing a blog? Well I dunno, just to keep all you people informed about stuff and things, I guess. I mean we will probably put some stuff in here about what we have been

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