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 Mayhem For Mary is a 3 piece alternative rock band based in Brisbane, comprising Drums, Bass guitar and vocals. A mixture of very simple and quite complex song writing is brought together and presented as an eclectic beat driven and ferocious live show. Described as anything from Beat Driven Alternative Rock to Heavy Prog-Funk, or A Riff Dance-Party, Mayhem For Mary burst their way into the Brisbane music scene in 2017 with their imaginative and fresh sound. Their reputation for putting together fun and unique shows that present a full audio-visual experience has begun to turn heads within an already vibrant Brisbane Music scene and beyond. Following the 2017 release of their debut single & video for Ze Empire, 2018 will see the release of their debut EP early in the year, followed by a second EP later in the year. It’s going to be a big year!



Mayhem For Mary is an alternative rock band based in Brisbane, comprising Drums, Bass guitar and vocals (with other instruments sporadically used). The style of music produced by the 3 piece is essentially a chunky riff driven sound underpinned by a mixture of prog, dance or funk drumming with vocals which vary from delicate falsetto to soaring gravelly blues style screams. The band members come from very different schools of music, which adds some spice to the recipe. Bass player Wes is a man from a heavy rock upbringing, with a soft spot for both the LA rock scene and the Seattle grunge scene of the nineties, vocalist Keith is from an acoustic / folk / blues background, and Drummer Laurence is an odd mix of prog rock tendencies, and EDM style dance beats. The eclectic nature of the music has drawn comparisons with bands as diverse as Tool, the Prodigy, Mr Bungle, and the Black keys, however the biggest influence on the sound of the band is perhaps the unusual make – up of the band in terms of instrumentation.

The lack of a guitarist in the band, while possibly perceived as a limitation, is in fact quite an interesting and liberating aspect of the Mayhem For Mary sound, allowing in particular the vocals and bass guitar more space to create a very dynamic sound which while essentially being a heavy, beat driven sound, does vary significantly not only from one song to another but also within songs. Vocal effects are used tastefully and effectively to fill out the sound, and the split signal double-amp bass rig setup includes some effects more commonly heard used by a guitarist rather than a bassist. The addition of other instruments used sparingly throughout the band’s repertoire completes the sound which at that point does not suffer in the least from the absence of guitar.

Beginning life as a 4 piece (including a guitarist) in 2015, the band has developed from those heavy metal edged alternative rock sound of those early days into an altogether more interesting proposition. The dance and funk grooves added into the mix since the re-formation of the band is what now sets this music apart.

The streamlined and current 3-piece line-up first hit the stage in early 2017, and immediately drew overwhelmingly positive reviews from both fans and critics, more of whom came to see what all the fuss was about, show after show through word of mouth. The band has followed the ethos of not just getting up and playing songs, but doing whatever possible to make every show an interesting and unique audio-visual experience for fans. So far this has meant some experimented with costumes, stage dancers, stage props, and some interactives elements such as masks and other toys for the audience to play with. These aspects of a live performance would not normally be associated with bands on the heavier end of the genre spectrum, but they are a lot of fun, and this imagination when putting together live shows has led to Mayhem For Mary standing out in an already thriving Brisbane music scene. The Mayhem for Mary live show has in a very short time gained a reputation as a loud powerful, energetic riff-dance party.

2017 has been a massive year for Mayhem for Mary, and has included their first shows as a 3 piece, the release of their debut single Ze Empire and accompanying hilarious music video. The band were also chosen to play at Brisbane’s longest running psych / prog rock mini festival Psych Night, made an appearance at the final Red Deer Music & Arts Festival alongside The Kite String Tangle, The Preachers and Kingfisha, and put together their own warehouse party ‘Party In Purgatory’ in November curating a diverse Line-up including Fat Picnic, Tai Sui, and Michelle Xen.  In addition to all of this, the band still had time to record their Debut EP which is set for release in early 2018.

With plans in place for a second EP to be recorded in mid 2018, and more interesting and imaginative shows on the way, the band are very much on an upward trajectory, and drawing a lot of attention around Brisbane and beyond.

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 Press Quotes

I go to lots of gigs, I have seen hundreds of bands over the years and only a handful of them have left the kind of impression Mayhem for Mary is making as I watch and listen to them execute their set tonight’. 


 If I have confused you by the previous sentence allow me to make one thing perfectly clear – Mayhem for Mary f**king rock!!! This music has twists, turns and bends you don’t see coming and it is smashing.

Radio 4zzz Live reviews – April 2017.

Sans guitar, this trio are reinventing the soundscape of alternative rock’   

Music Is My Muse – June 2017


‘If there had to be one song to represent the entire rock & roll genre – this would be it. The level of bass combined with the percussion has got the head banging rhythm down pat. Combine this with the rough and deep tones vocals and you’ve got a match made in rock &roll heaven. The intermediate changes between time signatures keep you on your toes’

Brisbane Playlist – February 2018



‘Teaming old-school rock vocals with stadium-ready drum and bass lines, fans of rock legends like Foo Fighters will lap up Mayhem For Mary’s new single Rise Up,

Music Is My Muse – February 2018


‘If you’ve always hoped to find the sonic equivalent of simultaneously smoking in the alley with Satan and sauntering the main streets with The Black Keys, ‘Rise Up’ is a wild ride that showcases Mayhem For Mary’s penchant for genre-bending and ability to melt faces armed with only drums, bass and vocals’

www.thesoundcheck.org – February 2018



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