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Mayhem for Mary Blog Post Number 5 – Adios! 

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It’s all over (nearly). So, you see there were always some vague plans to wind up Mayhem For Mary at some point in 2018, due to a couple of band members plans to move overseas. The imminent arrival of Wes’ new small human offspring has somewhat brought that date a little earlier in 2018 than we were all expecting, but its also put a rocket under our collective arse’s to get some things finished before the page turns on this chapter of our lives. On the agenda before we depart are the following 3 items: 

1 Debut (and final) album to be released. 

1 Film Clip to be released 

1 Massive sendoff gig   



Greatest Hits


So, at the end of last year we recorded 4 tracks to be released as EP 1 of a 2 EP 2018 (we already had plans for the second EP to be released later in the year). We released one single from the EP (Rise Up), and then had a look at our timeline for the rest of the year, and realized that if we released EP1, then EP2 was never going to see the light of day. The decision was then taken to get back into the studio as fast as we could get that happening and bang out the remaining tracks of what would become the First and last album by Mayhem For Mary. We worked extremely hard along with our recording engineer / co-producer Dan Sugars over the last 4-6 weeks to make this happen, and we are now finally in the final stages with the finish line in sight. The album will be aptly named ‘Greatest Hits’ and on the day of its release, it will be the best 45 minutes of your day if you’re having a decidedly mediocre day and you listen to it with ice-cream. That Day is Friday 1st June 2018. More on that particular date later. 


Film Clip 

We have one more film clip to get out there for our song Come along (Track 4 on the album). This is being put together by Shots For Bands and will include some live footage already shot (you may find yourself in there if you have been a regular Mayhem gig attendee) and some outdoorsy footage which we will be shooting this very weekend. We have a new star in this new video who I’m sure will be just as strange and wonderful as The Peoples Model-Brosquito was in our 2017 Ze Empire video. More to come on that – Expect a release in June / July, after Mayhem is no more…….. 


Massive Sendoff Gig 

Final Gig

Literally your last chance to see Mayhem For Mary perform live. —AND ITS FREE ENTRY— Our final and no doubt the saddest gig of our short existence will be at Heya Bar in Fortitude Valley on Friday 1st of June 2018 (There’s that date again). It will be sad, that is for sure, but it will also be our album launch, so it will be a celebration of what we have achieved in getting this album out there (Trust us when we say, it is neither a cheap nor an easy task) We started this band with one goal being to get a record out there, but with another was to be able to put on awesome live shows that people enjoyed, we have certainly had some great nights, but there are a lot more people out there in the Brisbane area who have not yet seen the mayhem, people who you know would enjoy what we do. Bring those mother*ckers along on the night. Last Chance to Party with us. On the night we have rockin 2-piece Chief Weapons doing a support slot. They are one of our favorite Brissie bands, and it’s an honor to have them along. We have also got our wonderful friends and longtime collaborators Banging Bitches opening on the night. They are going on their own hiatus after this show, affected by the same imminent baby arrival / emigration issue, so this really could be your last chance to see these girls perform also.  

In short…… whatever you gotta do to be there. 


It’s kind of hard to believe that we did our first show as a 3 piece just over a year ago in April 2017. We set out to try to create music that was unique and original, to mix the different styles of music that the 3 of us love into something interesting and engaging yet cohesive and accessible, and to put on the best shows that we could. Whether these goals were achieved is up for debate, but we know we certainly gave it our best shot. We are very proud of what we managed to achieve in that short time. Releasing a couple of singles (and yes there is some more music to come), making a really awesome video for one of them, playing some of our favourite events (Red Deer Festival and Psych Night stand out) and putting on some insanely fun shows of our own including Party in Purgatory last year. We have so many people to thank but you are just about sick of reading this post now, so we will get to everyone individually over the next few weeks and at the final show. It really has been a blast, and we wish we could continue with more of the same, but alas…. Life. 

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