Rise Up Single Launch @ The Flamin’ Galah

Rise Up

Single Launch @ The Flamin’ Galah

Your Buddies Mayhem For Mary are back in 2018. After some time spent in the studio getting some new music ready for you guys in late 2017, its time to start getting that shit out there, starting with the release of the first from our new EP which will be released later this year. This first taste is called Rise Up, and to celebrate its release we are putting on one of those massive Brisbane shows we like to do a couple of times a year. If you like the idea of owning a hard copy of this single, then this gig is the place you need to go to snap up one of a very limited number that we will be produced.

Party Central for this Kick-Arse night will be the Flamin’ Galah, at 350 Upper Roma Street, Brisbane

Brisbane Bar

This will be the first Mayhem For Mary gig at this awesome venue and we are chomping at the bit for it.

Those of you who know our music will know that we like to mix things up and Genre-Hop just a little bit. If you like that sort of thing, we know you will like the 2 other bands that will be playing on the night. Presenting 2 awesome local bands:

He Danced Ivy and Acid Kat

Here’s what Mayhem For Mary has to say about each of the 3 bands you’re gonna see

Acid Kat

Our first experience of Acid Kat was when We played with them at Brisbane’s Brightside in 2017. They brought something totally unique to that night that MFM fell immediately in love with. It was a wonderful sort of hard stoner rock music which maintained all the good things that we love about hard hitting 2 pieces.  It was F*king brilliant, and its gonna be brilliant again. Stoked to have them on the lineup!

He Danced Ivy
He Danced Ivy

This band is going to be massive! When you are old and withered you’re gonna be telling ppl about how you seen them in 2018 before they conqured the world. They are Heavy and groovy and punky and funky and technically brilliant, and proggy and grungy and Loose AF and Tight AF, all at once. I think you will like what these guys do. Lets Face it, If you have read this far down an event description for a Mayhem For Mary gig, its highly likely that you are drawn to the quirkier end of the heavy music spectrum. Thats exactly what you will get from He Danced Ivy.


Mayhem For MaryBand

Well that’s us, If you don’t know what we sound like then please do come along to the gig and find out, but for now, here are a few words that may give you some clues to our sound: Drums, Bass, Vocals, No Guitar, heavy, groove, handsome, soul, prog, riff, dance, party. Actually Handsome might be a stretch. If you have been to a few of our gigs you may be wondering what sort of wacky shit we will come up with for this one. You may have questions like: Will I have to spin a wheel to find out my entry fee?, Will there be a scary clown on stage?, Will i be given a mask to wear?, Will there be stage dancers? etc, etc….. Well maybe we may have some of those things, we may have some surprises up our slieve, or we may come up with some new interesting shit that we haven’t thought of yet…..but you’ll just have to wait and see! You know we prefer to put on extra-ordinary gigs rather than ordinary ones, so put Feb 10th 2018 in Your Diary. This will be one of the big ones!!

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