Blog Post #4 – Happy Nu Mothafukin Year!

Happy new year from Mayhem For Mary

Blog 4


Seriously we have gone way beyond our expectations of what could be achieved in our first full year as a full cohesive music making band. It’s really cool to think that our first gig as a 3-piece band was back in April, only 9 months ago, and since then we have released a single and music video, played at some incredible events (Psych Night, Party In Purgatory and Red Deer Music & Arts Festival are standouts) and recorded our very first EP.  That’s Right, its finished! We have the masters back and they are sounding Sweeeeeeeet!

Ladies and Gents we are absolutely over the moon that our song Ze Empire has came in at 64 in 4ZZZ’s hot 100, What a way to start the new year. Thanks so much for voting for us. Thanks 4ZZZ for supporting local music and delivering massive amounts of local music to our earholes.

4ZZZ Hot 100

So, what does 2018 hold for Mayhem For Mary? Well, fucking lots! There will no doubt be challenges for us and there will be challenges for you. Our challenges remain to be seen, yours will be detailed in the following paragraphs!

To kick us off we will be playing at a little Brisbane / Gold Coast double city double day festival called Double Baked.

Line up Double Baked

We are on the second day of the Brisbane Leg at the Prince of Wales Hotel in Nundah. That’s on the 26th of January, which is a public holiday. Yes, that’s right, it’s a public holiday. That’s what it is! Ironically the date falls pretty sweetly this year as it’s the Friday of a long weekend, so we know you’ll be out in force. Our challenge no. 1 to you is to get your ass to the POW in Nundah and remain sober enough to enjoy out set at 8.30PM.

What Next what next??? Well, this is the gift we have been waiting to give you all! NEW MAYHEM FOR MARY MUSIC. Yeeeeeeeessss!

Single Launch Facebook Image

Our new single Rise Up will be released in the early part of February 2018, and to celebrate this wonderful fact we are putting on a massive gig at the Flamin Galah on Roma Street, almost kinda just across the road from the train station. I gotta say, we are pretty stoked about the lineup we have put together. The Schwifties were one of our favourite acts at Psych night so we are delighted to welcome them to join us. He danced Ivy we have not played with before, but they definitely have our stamp of approval, they are energetic man, I mean fu*king fun on stage, and their songs are all over the place in the best possible way. Also their singer had a massive part to play in putting together our Ze Empire music video last year. We will be running off a limited number of hard copies of the single on CD, if you want to snap these up, you are most likely going to have to do that on the night as we are only running off a few and we think these pieces of rare Mayhem Memorabilia will probably be gone on the night.


He Danced Ivy

He Danced Ivy


Brisbane Band

The Schwifties


If you’re reading this, the likelihood is that you are part of the wider Mayhem fam, you know how we operate, you know that when we get the chance to put our own show on we like to do it big, and put on a proper show. You know this, but do your friends know??? If you dig what we do, then you surely have some friends who would like that sh*t too, so please don’t keep us for yourself. Let your like-minded buddies in on the secret. Our challenge no. 2 to you, is to Introduce a friend to Mayhem For Mary at the Rise Up single Launch.

And after that, what’s happening after that? Well, at an as yet undetermined date in the near future (maybe March or April), you are finally going to have the chance to get your hands on the Debut EP by Mayhem For Mary. It’s solid, its riffy, its dancy, its proggy and we want to put it in your ears. Of course, if we told you all about that now, then we would have nothing to write about in the next blog (we would) so more about that a little further down the track. For now, lets have some beers together at these 2 upcoming gigs! See y’all there legends!

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