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If you remember our last blog, which you don’t, you will remember that we talked some vague crap about lots of plans and half plans that we had for the remainder of the year and then boldly exclaimed that ‘Mayhem For Mary is a band that can get shit done’. WOW, Terrible. Befitting of a really shit blog one might say, and therefore, apt and well placed. Well anywho, here is where we can share said plans with you because lots of the things that were secret things (because events need to be announced and stuff) are no longer secret and yay! More on that later. Firstly……That Video.

Ok we’re not going to rabbit on about it for ages. I’m sure most of you have seen it at this stage because we never shut up about it because we think its great and we’re very proud of it. If you have not seen it yet though, or if you feel like you need another laugh, here is the Video one more god damn time.

We will tell you a bit about our Launch night though when we took over the Bloodhound Bar a couple of weeks ago. We had the extremely talented Alla Spina and Roo play brilliant sets, and then had the Premier of the video live on the big screen, followed by a set of our own.




Alla Spina

Alla Spina







We got some photos (see the end of this blog below) of all you legends who came along. Thank you all for coming and sharing in a really awesome night. We say again, this shit is only worth doing if people appreciate it, so thank you all for being so supportive! Our favourite part of the night was when we got the projector working again after it decided to shit itself about 5 mins before our video was due to be screened. Yeah. That was a stressful few minutes…..


Our second favourite part of the night was when Jay spun the $10 maximum entry fee. Thanks Jay!


Anyway What’s all this shit we are doing?



EP recording– Mid September



The debut EP (working title: those songs we’re gonna record) is on the way. We will be hitting the studio in mid September to get the bulk of it done. And you guys can expect a single from it to be released before the end of this here year 2017, so you will no longer have to listen to Ze Empire on repeat when you want to taste the mayhem. Our Step away from the stage and into the studio wont last that long though, as we then have basically our 3 biggest gigs to date coming thick and fast……As follows…



Psych Night 

Event poster

BYO Warehouse party (Brisbane) – 30th September 2017

Well friends, Psych Night is going to be one hell of a show. If you have not heard of it, it’s a bit of an underground Brisbane institution that’s been away for a couple of years, but is back with a bang, at a brand new secret warehouse venue. This event is run by Brisbane’s amazing psych-prog masters Magenta Voyeur, and its alumni includes some incredible talent such as In Void, Twin Haus, Rood Meud, Electrified Fooling Machine, Papperbok, Moses Gun Collective & Omegachild. We are absolutely honoured to have been asked to play and very much looking forward to it!

Check out the facebook page here

And Just a heads up….This will sell out.

Tickets here



Red Deer Music and Arts Festival 

Red Deer Poster

(Samford Valley) – 14th October 2017

Holy Shit we are playing Red Deer Festival!!! Needless to say we are over the mother-fucking-moon about that. We have been to this festival a number of times as punters, and honestly think it’s one of the best in Australia. Do come and join us we promise an unforgettable fun filled day and night. We are playing early so get your ass in there early, see our set (and the little surprise we have up our sleeve for that one) and then come party with us for the rest of the day. As a measure of how much we love this little festival, Wes had actually already bought his ticket to attend, well in advance of being asked to play at the festival, which is good news for those of you who have not yet got your ticket. So, if you buy a ticket through our link below, and it has to be this particular link, we will put your name and the names of all the other ppl who bought tickets through our link (you could be onto a winner here there may only be like 3 of you lol) into a draw that we will do the week before the festival, and whoevers name is picked out will get that spare ticket for absolutely FREE. So you can invite a friend or give it away or attend twice yourself, or whatever you want to do. How’s that for a mega-super-deal!

So here’s our ticket link


And for more info on the festival and who else is playing, see their FB Event page here

FaceBook Event

Party In Purgatory

Party In Purgatory

BYO Fancy dress Halloween warehouse party (Brisbane) 4th November 2017

So some absolute Legends have decided to put on a fancy dress party in a warehouse at a secret location in Brisbane this Halloween, And we will be playing a set to light up the night! The Lineup of local bands is absolutely top notch. If you haven’t heard of Banging Bitches, The Impostars, Papperbok, Fat Picnic, Tai Sui, or Michelle Xen & The Neon Wild, we promise you won’t forget their names in a hurry after seeing them perform at Party In Purgatory. Now this Event is a bit mysterious and underground, but we do have a little bit of inside info and well, lets just say we have no doubt it’s gonna be the best party in Brisbane this Halloween. This is the big one! Hope you can all make it.

Tickets can be found here


Facebook Event is here

Now, as promised, some photos of our video launch night

Thanks again.





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