Red Deer Music and Arts festival 2017


Red Deer 2017



Guess who’s on the lineup for Red Deer Music and Arts Festival 2017! Only your mates bringing some mayhem to Mount Samson on October 14th.

We are completely stoked about this, it’s an awesome little festival, we have been there as punters a number of times and it’s one of our faves, so we hope a whole bunch of you will join us…

For any of you who are
Keen to get tickets to the festival, please do us a favour and buy them through our ticket link above.

This will really help us out so please use this rather than standard ticket link.
We will have details of a special little incentive we are offering for anyone buying tickets through our link later today.


The Preatures, The Kite String Tangle, Band of Frequencies, Kingfisha, Transvaal Diamond Syndicate, Alex & Bec Crook, MC Wheels, Hawkmoon, Pink Matter, Lamalo, Mayhem For Mary, Dark Nile – Tribal Bellydance, Band of Frequencies, Shag Rock, The COOL CALM, MEZKO, LEANNE TENNANT, Fire and Whistle Theory, Josh Mcnz, Tiarne, The Lyrical, The Dashounds, Blake Thompson.Troublesome Hoopsome, See Saw Theatre and the new and improved Infinite Harmony Chill tent. Nat Welch, Mitch Baskerville,


We’ve  put together a YouTube Playlist so you can see and listen to these great artists playing at Red Deer Fest and catch a peek of the awesome vibe present.

Enjoy and share with your friends who are coming too.

Red Deer 2017. See you soon



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