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The Concept for Ze Empire came about when the band met the lead role in the video ‘The People’s Model – Brosquito’, in January 2017. The Character in the video (Later given the moniker ‘Bob McSplooge’ by the director of the clip) was initially developed over a couple of brief conversations between Brosquito and the band. The storyline that the band had in mind for the video was perfectly suited to the character being developed, so they went in search of a film crew to bring their ideas to life. Having pitched the idea to a number of videographers and directors, the Enthusiasm of the guys at ‘Shots for Bands’ for the idea made it a no-brainer to get them on board. There is no doubt that the combination of Mayhem For Mary, Brosquito, and Shots for bands, have got the best result possible from the original idea.

The inspiration for the type of clip that has been produced comes from bands like Mastodon, 12 foot ninja, The bloodhound gang etc… Mayhem For Mary are definitely fans of a bit of humour in a music video. While on the face of it, this is video shows a funny dude getting up to some funny antics, there is a serious undercurrent to the storyline. This is reflective of both the song and the way Mayhem For Mary operate as a band. There is certainly a fun side to the band, but pay attention to the technical nature of this song and indeed other songs of theirs, and it quickly becomes clear that though the band do not appear to take themselves too seriously, they certainly take their songwriting craft very seriously.

The book

The Book

Ze Empire is the story of the day in the life of Bob McSplooge, and his interactions on that day with the other characters in the clip, known as, dog, future boy, and the people. Bob is a bit of a comical rogue, the sort of person we don’t expect to get far in life, and not to inclined to do too much with it appears otherthan hang out with his dog, and think highly of himself. The clip delves into a scenario where bob unwittingly gains influence and control over the people, an opportunity to build Ze Empire. What will he do with this power? Will he use it for good of evil? How will the power change him as a man? Will the future child be his foe or his Savior? All will be revealed.


Video Credits:

Ze Empire Official Music Video – Mayhem For Mary

Directed, filmed and edited by Shots For Bands

Featuring The people’s model – Brosquito

Concept by Wes Pollington

Directed by Jonathan Creed

Co-directed by Luke McClean

Filmed by Luke McClean and Holly Novello

Edited by Luke McClean

Featuring the talents of: Brosquito, Maitland Devlin and Vincent Van Gruff

Extras: Tuesday Whitfield, Tara Dunne, Richard Bennett, Donnachadh Buckley, Jonathan Creed, David Cheney, Sarah Brooke,  Debbie Anne Batey, Peter Harwood, DJ Catch, Brendan Kemp, Monee Karime, Peter Newsome, Kylie Totterdill, Doug Larkin, Carly Elze, Teegan McIlveen, James Healy, Leanne Devlin.


Concept by Mayhem For Mary (including former members)

Music & Lyrics by Mayhem For Mary

Performed by Mayhem For Mary

Recorded by Paradox Productions (Brisbane, Australia)

Mixed and Mastered by Lance Leembruggen (Melbourne, Australia)

Special Thanks: A Massive thanks to Blake & Adam at Paradox Productions, and Lance Leembruggen, you guys all made this audio worthy of this awesome video.  Thanks to Luke and the rest of the Shots For Bands crew, for being so professional and making this a very fun experience, thanks to Bec and Jimmy for the use of your house, thanks to everyone who contributed props, lighting, posters, ideas. Thanks to our 3 stars Brosquito, Maitland, and Vinny, you guys (and dog) are the absolute bomb! And Finally…..Thanks to all our friends, family and fans for coming to shows, listening to our music, watching this video, reading these credits, and believing in us, we wouldn’t do this shit if nobody appreciated it. Hi Mom.

© 2017 Mayhem For Mary. All rights reserved.
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