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Down by the river

Yes, We have been doing stuff, and lots of you have been helping us to do stuff and been a massive support and for that we thank you. April has been a crazy month for us.

Firstly, we had the filming of our first music video, which was shot by the wonderful people atShots for bands.’ Thank you Luke, Jono, David and Holly.

The whole thing had its beginning back on Australia day 2017, when wes met a guy who was the essence of a majestic flying dragon man. He was perfect for the lead role in a music video concept which came together within minutes of meeting said dragon man.


The Peoples Model

The peoples model

The Conversation when a bit like this.

Wes- ‘ Hey dude I know we only met 7 minutes ago, but would you like to be In a music video?’

Dragon man- ‘ You seem like a nice boy  and have years beyond your wisdom. I will grant you your request on one condition. You must now drink a beer from my steaming shoe.’

Wes- ‘ it would be a honour to drink from the shoe of a dragon man.’


Shots for bands

Jono & Luke from Shots For Bands working their magic



A shit tonne load of preparation work, some spicing up of Wes’s original concept by the director (Jono)  and the help of friends including 20 extras involved in the clip lead to a weekend that was equally, exhausting, inspiring and fun. The shots for bands crew were extremely well organized and clearly very good at what they do and we can’t recommend them highly enough. Now we wait for the results.


The editing part of the process is underway. We do not yet have a release date but we will be sure to let you know when the fruits of all the hard work can be feasted upon.

Only a couple of weeks following the video shot we had our first Mayhem for Mary show in a looooooooooooooong long time. We played in The Bearded lady with 3 incredible bands in the shape of Long Holiday, Grasshole and Sea of Valoria. If you were there thank you so much for your support, if not you really missed out on a hooting, tooting, rooting killer night. Aside from our first performance in so long you missed stomping sets from the mad motherfuckers in the fore mentioned bands.

Troy Scott

Photo-Troy Scott

We have spent a long time in practice studios and each others houses over the last year or so, redeveloping old tunes and writing a bunch of new ones. The whole process has lead us through a maze of emotions including hope, fear, arousal, self doubt, apprehension and arousal. When it’s just three dudes in a room it can be hard sometimes to see the bigger picture and convince yourself what you are creating is even any good.  Obviously, the most important thing to us is that we are making the type of music that we want to make but it is also nice to think that other people will dig what we’re doing. The feedback from our return gig has been great and has given us some peace of mind in that regard.

Wes on the bass

Photo-Troy Scott


Here’s a link to the radio 4zzz review of the show

click here

I have seen hundreds of bands over the years and only a handful of them have left the kind of impression Mayem for Mary is making as I watch and listen to them execute their set tonight”

We like it.



We will have some video footage from the show in the not too distant future so if you haven’t done so already, please give our Facebook page Mayhem For Mary a like to get an eyeful/earful of this and to be kept up to date in general. We will share that shit as soon as it becomes available.


So what’s next for Mayhem for Mary?


Well, we’re planning on getting right up in the grill of Brisbane and surrounding towns for some more shows over the next few months. Our plans for recording our debut EP are in the ‘hmmmm how much money will this cost’ stage but we promise we will have something for you in the coming months also. We are also in the daydreaming stage of a tour in support of that. This may seem a bit vague and aloof, but let us assure you, even though we have no concrete dates or deadlines for all of this, this shit will happen. If April 2017 has tought us anything, it’s that Mayhem For Mary is a band that can get shit done. But more about that in future blogs.


We are back in the practice studio this week to work on some new half complete songs which no one in the universe has yet heard and to practice our stage faces.


Lars keith and Wes


Stay classy San Diego.

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