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Welcome Ladies, Welcome Gentlemen, Welcome Transgender Folk. You have arrived at the first ever Mayhem For Mary blog. Why are we doing a blog? Well I dunno, just to keep all you people informed about stuff and things, I guess. I mean we will probably put some stuff in here about what we have been up to and shit. But there’ll be other stuff. We’re not really interesting enough to be writing a blog just about ourselves. For example the topic of this first blog post is going to be the Pixies gig at the Riverstage (That’s in Brisbane, for our interstate, international, and intergalactic readers), but more on that later.

Firstly let’s address the elephant in the room………..Blogs are shit. I mean they are mostly fucking rubbish that no-one cares about. You’re probably only reading cause its your friends blog and you are afraid you will get quizzed on it next time you see them, when you’re all like, ‘Yeah, sure I read it was really great this month’. Well, let me assure you that this blog will be no different. It will be the shittest blog you have ever read, and when we meet you at the next Mayhem For Mary Gig and we are all like, ‘Hey what did you think of our blog?’ You will tell us that it was fucking shit, and we will know that you are a true friend, because not only have you read our blog, but you have understood it on the deepest level.

The one thing that will set this shit blog apart from all the other shit blogs is that this one will be SHORT (is there a word for the irony of capitalizing a word like short?). SHort ShOrT, shOrT, ShoRT. A fucking short blog, because no-one has time for a long blog. The other one thing that will set this blog apart is that it will probably not be spell checked, nor will it sometimes be grammatically correct. So if you are wanting to Troll us and tell us that the opinions expressed in our blog are somehow not valid because of our spelling and grammar errors, then fucking go ahead. That’s what comments sections are for. (Not sure if a blog has a comments section, never made it to the end of one before. Anyway, we don’t care, it’s shit anyway, what’s the point in good spelling?

It has just occurred to me that I should maybe let you know who we are because unless you are one of our girlfriends, you probably haven’t even heard any of our music yet. Actually we are a band, I should have said that at the start. Actually I think I’ll put that up the top now, that should have been the first thing I mentioned. I think I’ll capitalize the word Band, *BAND.

We are a 3 piece band, we used to be a 4 piece band with guitar, drums, bass and vocals. But that was like 2015 and we were like a heavy band back then, playing grunge/metal kinda stuff. Anyway we parted ways with our guitarist and then for a while there it looked like there would be no more Mayhem For Mary, cause it was like, do we want to continue, or do we just consign the whole thing to the past? But then we got our mojo back and started looking for a guitarist, and then after realizing how hard it was to get a guitarist who was good enough and committed enough, and fitted what we were doing, it really looked like there would be no more Mayhem For Mary. But then we re-grouped and decided that guitarists were overrated, and started jamming out some new stuff with drums, bass and vocals, and then reworked some old songs to compensate for the absence of guitar and the whole process was so fucking inspiring that we all found that we were better off without a guitarist anyway, and then the styles of music we were playing expanded and then we had some full completed songs that we were happy with and now here we are as a 3 piece, which is still heavy like the old Mayhem For Mary, but has so much more going on that I think you will like it.

So Guys, what do you sound like now? Well…………………….

To describe the music we play in words is like, Rock, err, Alternative rock I guess, but that’s such a broad genre, so like funk alternative rock, actually not really, cause that’s like Primus and Faith No More I suppose and we’re not really like that but we are a bit. Dance? Is there a thing called Alternative Dance Rock? I dunno, we do have some stuff that can be danced to. Actually lose the Alternative, I don’t even know what that means, so it’s just Dance Rock, but it’s a bit proggy, sometimes, in some songs, and a bit Psychedelic, but again only in some songs. But it’s definitely heavy, but not metal, not what metal is now anyway. I’m rambling. Yeah, so that’s our genre. Just come to our shows and listen dammit!

Are Blog posts supposed to have titles? I should probably call this one ‘We are a band’. Get it right up front so it’s obvious.

So Mayhem for Mary, Tell us your plans over the next little while. Well………….(and I’m not sure why this is now presented as a Q&A)……………

We have a MASSIVE (notice correct use of capitalization) Return gig planned for mid April. It Will be in Brisbane, and it will be the first gig we do as this new 3 piece, so we might fuck up some songs, but it will also be your first time listening to the songs, so equally, you might fuck up listening to them. Do come along though, we promise we are better at playing Dance Rock prog not funk psych something music than we are at writing blogs. We don’t have the full details for you yet only to say that it will be on April 21st, and that’s a Friday. We will be posting all the details on Facebook and other places when we have all of them. Here’s our Facebook page…..


Please go to our page and hit like, because that’s what being in a band in the modern age is about……..Blogs and Facebook likes. TBH my sarcasm is misplaced, Facebook is actually a really good tool to get your music and your profile out there and keep people up to date with releases, gigs, etc…..So please, pretty please, with sugar on top………Like the fucking page *smiley face*

We also have made our first recording of a song as a 3 piece recently, its a free download if you want to download it from our Soundcloud page which you will find here. It’s called Ze Empire, and the OG Mayhem For Mary fans may recognize this from the 4 piece days, but emmmm………let’s just say it’s a little different now. Here is our Soundcloud Page:


Oh shit, I think this blog post is now verging on being LONG, instead of SHORT, so let’s get swiftly on to the main topic of the Blog.

(The) Pixies played the Riverstage last week, their songs were amazing (though they stopped half way through one), their stage presence was average, their audience interaction was nil, they finished 15 mins before curfew, and I think everyone at the Riverstage that night agreed, that Frank Black looks kinda like Wes’ dad. Here are some photos of Frank Black and Wes’ dad.


That dude

Wes Dad



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