• Blog Post #4 – Happy Nu Mothafukin Year!

    WHAT A YEAR WE HAVE HAD! Seriously we have gone way beyond our expectations of what could be achieved in our first full year as a full cohesive music making band. It’s really cool to think that our first gig as a 3-piece band was back in April, only 9 months ago, and since then

    Happy new year from Mayhem For Mary
  • Rise Up Single Launch @ The Flamin’ Galah

    Rise Up Single Launch @ The Flamin’ Galah Your Buddies Mayhem For Mary are back in 2018. After some time spent in the studio getting some new music ready for you guys in late 2017, its time to start getting that shit out there, starting with the release of the first from our new EP

  • Beats Cartel & Prince Of Wales Presents, Double Baked

    Beats Cartel & Prince Of Wales Hotel Bringing together the most vibin’ local acts and craft breweries, The inaugural DOUBLE BAKED minifest backs up the riff truck in Brisbane on JAN 25 and JAN 26 with a double day party as part of a twin city onslaught. Games will be played, riffs will be delivered,

    Double Bake Festival Brisbane
  • EarCandy #15

    Have yourself an awesome NYE and meet the father of bass players Wes all the way from Ireland. Were on early.Get your EarCandy on. THE LINEUP!! Faux Bandit // Hey Baby // Mickey // She Eats Hearts // Deadbeat Society // Mayhem For Mary // FriendlyFire // Periapsis // Atticus Chimps // ROO // Chief Weapons

  • Party In Purgatory, Fancy Dress, BYO.

    Halloween BYO(No Glass), Warehouse party Party in Purgatory 2017 is Brisbanes Premier Halloween Themed Fancy Dress party. It is an over 18’s BYO (No Glass) event. No Dickhead Policy in place……Obviously. On the 4th of november, at a secret location in Brisbane inner city suburb (to be released on the day of the party) You will

    What a line up
  • Blog post #3. We Have Sooooooo many plans!

    If you remember our last blog, which you don’t, you will remember that we talked some vague crap about lots of plans and half plans that we had for the remainder of the year and then boldly exclaimed that ‘Mayhem For Mary is a band that can get shit done’. WOW, Terrible. Befitting of a

    Mayhem For Mary
  • Red Deer Music and Arts festival 2017

      Guess who’s on the lineup for Red Deer Music and Arts Festival 2017! Only your mates bringing some mayhem to Mount Samson on October 14th. We are completely stoked about this, it’s an awesome little festival, we have been there as punters a number of times and it’s one of our faves, so we

  • Magenta Voyeur Presents, Psych Night VII

    Magenta Voyeur proudly presents the return of Brisbane’s favourite psychedelic soiree….. PSYCH NIGHT VII   WAREHOUSE PARTY (LOCATION TO BE ANNOUNCED) BYO – NO GLASS SAT 30TH SEPTEMBER   Delving deep into the psych psyche Magenta Voyeur have created a trip full of auditory arousal ready for your consumption: The Dollallamas Belligerent Goat Magenta Voyeur

    Event poster
  • Music video Premier, Ze Empire

      About the video: The Concept for Ze Empire came about when the band met the lead role in the video ‘The People’s Model – Brosquito’, in January 2017. The Character in the video (Later given the moniker ‘Bob McSplooge’ by the director of the clip) was initially developed over a couple of brief conversations

    Music video
  • Ze Empire, Video release party with Alla Spina and Roo

     People of the Planet earth, the time has finally come for us to unleash our debut music video upon you. A Massive ammount of work has gone into this video over the last few months. It was shot by the absolute legends at Shots For Bands and we also had a lot of help from

    Coming Soon.
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